Billy the Phone Freak(Bill Owens) is a national radio producer and on-air personality. While still doing radio work, Billy is also a real estate broker in Florida, Tennessee and Idaho primarily focusing on the Tampa Bay and Orlando/Kissimmee real estate markets.

He is based in Tampa, Florida and has supported multiple popular radio shows throughout central Florida and beyond during his unique career such  as the Monsters of the Morning Show, the Ron Diaz Show, the Drew Garabo show, the Shannon Burke Show, the Randy Harris Show and many others including his friends on 
the SportsChix Radio Show hosted by long time original Hooters spokesmodel and Playboy Playmate Lynne Austin.

Before returning to radio full time, he worked at the Kennedy Space Center as a software engineer for 4 years supporting the space shuttle program. He really enjoyed being a part of America’s space program.

He first worked in radio with Ron Diaz as the producer of the popularly syndicated Ron & Ron Radio Network. Before Ron and Ron formed their own company, Billy worked with them at the legendary rock station 95YNF.

On a part time basis for fun, he sometimes develops web pages for entertainers, businesses, individuals, and friends. 

He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa. As he has time, he takes some graduate courses.

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